What is this

This website is a HTML document served through HTTPS from a Web Server because your Web Browser requested it.

As a Web Software Writer I decided to put together some Javascript, NodeJS & ReactJS to render a prose about writing code that is simple to maintain and agile to adapt to the fast-paced changing requirements of a cutting edge business.

Another reason is because I'm committed to pay it forward to the tech community by tweeting, answering and asking questions.

Along the way I've put in place some snippets here and there.


Blogging about software
How to use babel for productionYou should not be using babel-node in production. It is unnecessarily heavy, with high memory usage due to the cache being stored in memory.
Humans in an open officeComparing humans with computers communicating async and sync.
Study Day Program — ProposalThe Study Day Program is a day per month when a team member can learn a new technology.
Double Your Profits on Software DevelopmentHow to optimize my software development processes.
How to deal with GitHub PRs while working on your feature branchAdopting the GitHub workflow is very rewarding, specially when working in a team. Code Review is a great practice which GitHub handles very well with its PR (Pull Request) feature.
How to recreate Google’s input persistent placeholderWhen I created Oracul the game needed to recreate Google’s input persistent placeholder. That single UI feature would be key for the game to work. If you have played Oracul you will understand why this UX is essential.
On consumption and productivityHow to escape the consumption trap, and start giving back to the community.


I don't only write code.

Got a notebook and a book in progress.


To play is to create.
Oracul QuestionsThis is a prank game that allows you to ask questions and secretely answer your question as you type it.
Stock OptionsEmployee Incentive Stock Options are common in startups. Learn about how stock options work by playing this game simulator.
WallBuild and destroy walls on real-time with other players in the World.




Every craftsman has tools. These are ones I built to share.
Quick NotesBasic notepad for quick notes. Spoiler: No wow-factor.